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Built up Felt Roofing

Built up felt roofing including adhesive vapour control layer, tapered insulation, two layer weathering coat, including a fall arrest system, with a 20 year warranty.

Single Ply Roofing

Single ply warm roof, vapour barrier, rigid insulation to the current regulations single ply membrane with a 20 year manufacturers warranty, this can be installed to any building and any substructure including timber, metal & concrete.

Bitumen Hot Melt Roofing

Hot Melt bitumen is usually used on a concrete framed building and is mainly incorporated as part of a inverted roof, there is a selection of finishes that can be used, sedum, ballast, slabs etc. the product can be laid flat is guaranteed for a minimum of 35 years and will last the file span of the building.

Liquid Roofing

Liquid waterproofing installed directly upon a timber structure and is very good for use on structures that have complicated or restricted areas.

Metal Cappings

Aluminium roofing and cappings can be fixed directly to your structure and can be manufactured to any bespoke size required directly from factory to site so no work is need to be undertaken prior to their installation.

Sedum Roofing

Sedum roofs can be installed to most flat roofs and is incredibly environmentally friendly, as well as the green areas help with the carbon emissions the build up of the Sedum also reduces the rainfall from the roof area avoiding unwanted flooding in heavy rain where your discharge point is.